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A Call to Business UK first came to Sierra Leone in 2006, following the eleven years’ conflict that had torn the country apart at almost every level. This UK charity believed that business has a key role to play in alleviating poverty and social ills and that when Biblical principles are applied in business, real transformation is possible. Interest-free loans of $1500 each were made to two businessmen, of which one birthed a microfinance business, A Call to Business Trading Limited, which was registered in Sierra Leone as a trading company in 2008.

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ACTB Savings and Loans Commits to Supporting Private Sector Growth in Sierra Leone I hurried into the local department 300-137 dumps...


“They give me some loan which I did not even expect. Now I thank God because the business is very good. A Call to Business is here to help us. If we look at the percentage in A Call to Business and the bank standards, we can say that it is better for us to do business with A Call to Business.”

“Currently I have about 16 employees, thanks to ACTB loans.”

“There is a great difference with this company. They are trustworthy. We also keep our own side of the bargain. With this loan, I am able to take care of my children.”

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