A Call to Business UK first came to Sierra Leone in 2006, following the eleven years’ conflict that had torn the country apart at almost every level. This UK charity believed that business has a key role to play in alleviating poverty and social ills and that when Biblical principles are applied in business, real transformation is possible. Interest-free loans of $1500 each were made to two businessmen, of which one birthed a microfinance business, A Call to Business Trading Limited, which was registered in Sierra Leone as a trading company in 2008. Since then the company has experienced quite extraordinary growth, with that initial investment of $3000 (Le 8,909,400) now a portfolio of $3,594,906 (Le 25,883,328,533).

In terms of size of loan portfolio, A Call to Business is presently the largest non-bank financial service provider in Sierra Leone. The business currently serves over 16,000 active borrowers through its nine locations across the country – Freetown (Head Office in Brookfields and branch office in Wellington), Makeni, Lungi, Kambia, Makeni, Kono, Bo and Magburaka, Port Loko and Lunsar.

A Call to Business Trading was incorporated as a Microfinance Company under the Companies Act, CAP249 as a Limited Liability Company with Certificate of Incorporation Number – No. C/F/773/2008. It was subsequently also registered with the Bank of Sierra Leone as a Credit Only Microfinance Institution with Certificate No. – BSL/COM/002/2010.

In 2017 the company changed its name to actb Savings & Loans Limited, and in May of that year received its license to operate as a deposit taking Microfinance Institution with Certificate No. BSL/actbsl/2017

The business is a growing community of people who believe that God has called them into business not simply to work but to create resources and influence the sphere of authority around them, and to see many people coming to faith and being discipled in the context of their everyday working lives.

Our vision is to provide financial solutions to the people and communities in Sierra Leone that are regularly excluded in financial service opportunities. Through our various services, we seek to meet and exceed their expectations thereby providing long-term value for our investors.

Organizational Values

The following are the values that guide the operations of A Call to Business:

We operate with honesty and transparency and have the courage to do what is right at all times, even when this is against the culture of the nation

We commit ourselves to providing the highest quality service to our customers, aiming to achieve this by continuously improving ourselves and the way we deliver our services

We are a family; we respect and care for each other as we work together in pursuit of the goals of the organization

We dedicate ourselves to serve and be accountable to each other, our clients, investors, other stakeholders and the nation as a whole

We see all that we do in the workplace as service and worship to God