Group Loan

ACTB Group Loan is a loan service provided to a group of people, engaged in petty trading or small business activities and enhances their capacity to improve on their business income. Contrary to individual loans, group loans are available only to groups of 3 – 5 people.

Micro Enterprise Individual Loan

This is a flexible and dependable working capital loan for Individuals and micro entrepreneurs who require financial resources to expand on their business activities.

SME Loan

This loan is available to SMEs who have urgent needs for financial liquidity in their operations. Unlike the Micro Enterprise Individual Loan, the SME Loan provides more funds and a settlement period of 12 – 18 months

Business Asset Loan

actb Business Asset Loan is provided to SME and micro entrepreneurs, giving them the opportunity to acquire business assets to promote the efficiency of their business operations.

School Fees Loan

actb Education loans give those who access it the peace of mind and stress free opportunity to settle children’s school fees obligation and other educational costs. It is a simple and reliable loan product with flexible repayment terms.

Micro School Loan

Micro-school loan supports micro and less developed schools to increase enrolment and also provide quality learning and teaching environment for pupils.

Micro Housing Loan

actb Savings and Loans can improve, refurbish and complete your house, as you would have it. This product is simple, flexible, convenient and easy to access and is available to individuals who are small and micro entrepreneurs, business men and women, salaried employees who operate additional businesses.